does this work?

Does this work?  How does one define ‘work’?  And what exactly is ‘this’?  Is it just the idea of sitting quietly…no matter what one’s brain is doing….is it having to  see the next iteration of your next life with all the glory of angels and light circling around one’s head?  Or is ‘it’ when after fighting off all the random, disconnected and busy static thoughts one gets up from the meditation ‘sit’ exhausted? How can one feel as if one ran a marathon, yet never move a muscle?  Meditate with me…I’ll show you.  HA!  A trick…!  I can’t ‘show’ you anything about this.  That is the other trick to it.  What I do…and what you do…two entirely different things.  While based on the same concept, the individual exercise is just that, individual.  ….what I think is a good ‘sit’ you may determine to be a waste of time.

AHA!  That is the next lesson…what I do has NOTHING to do with what you do.   How I experience or benefit from does not depend on your validation or similar experience.  My experience can be totally unlike any other person’s…and yet be the one experience that is exactly what I need.  My own validation of this experience is what is the key.  My own ability to bring myself to myself and be with myself in a way that acknowledges all of the past…and finds a way through that to the peace and inclusion that is inside me.  When I say inclusion, it is the idea that all I need is already here.  In me, the validation of my own life’s matter is within me.  Not out there with anyone else.  I carry the universe with me, all the time.  I can, at any time, call on it to take me back to that soft spot of peace, warmth and knowledge. So, like the Men In Black movie…the Arquillian galaxy is on Orion’s Belt.  It is right in front of you, right within you, right above you….with that goddamned Egg of Light!

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