It’s always something…

Yes, there is always a good reason not to ‘sit’ for 10 minutes each day.  I have to feed the dog, or get gas in the van, clean out my closet, make the bed, match all the socks in my sock drawer.  No matter how obscure it seems, the ‘something’ that tells one NOT to sit for the 10 minute meditation is right in front of you….just tempting you with the idea of skipping the simple act of sitting.  As a person with multiple sclerosis I have become accomplished at just sitting.  My fatigue, which is ever-present, is always a reason to sit down.  I can also sit by my living room window and watch the birds on the bird feeders with the blankest expression on my face.  That was made known to me when the neighbor called the police and they came to check on me for a welfare check….since I was sitting there for so long..with my mouth open. I would tell myself…”..that’s like meditating”  so I don’t have to do it today!  HA!  Not really at all like meditating…just giving the neighbors something to point and laugh at…

Today’s distraction is my  nasty cough/lung infection.  But I have read more and more evidence that meditation can be a healing activity.  When I cough is that like having the random scattered thoughts race through your mind as you try to empty it..and you have to ignore those thoughts?  A little harder to ignore a monster hack…but in some ways it is the same as thoughts…acknowledge it…move through it ’till it’s gone and resume….and it would seem that any type of physical ailment or limitation would make meditation even more useful, it takes one’s mind out of that body and into the core or deep soul of yourself, and one might even forget or be more accepting of the illness or ailment..and not so hostile to it…because being hostile to it only means I am hostile to my body.  I already do a great job of that, trash talking myself every chance I get, lecturing myself on how I can’t do anything right.  So…as I write this…maybe my acceptance of this hack/infection is going to make it easier to recover from it…and send it on its way…Meanwhile…back at the Egg…

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