…and one more thing…

I have had a clinical psychologist on my payroll for a thousand years….(that’s what it seems like to the different therapists) .  My uber master of all psychologists had the nerve to retire…can you believe it?  So I called the two names referred to me by her and another doctor I know.  Both…BOTH of these clinical psychologists are too busy for new victims….no, just one was too busy..the other only took a certain type of insurance, and you would be correct to bet that i DO NOT have that particular type of insurance.  So….there ya’ go…thanks, thanks, for nothing….as i look at news articles about how the climate change will wreck lives of people and make extinct animals of our diverse planet…and that continued topic just makes me sick with fear…sick with sadness and sick that we could have done something about it…but the people that make too much money on oil….coal…natural gas….don’t want to make less money.  So they buy elected officials and ensure that nothing punitive or meaningful will be done to curb if not reverse global warming andi its deleterious effect on our planet..but that’s just me…

That fruitless therapist search was the icing on the proverbial cake as this week progresses….

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