Is this meditation, does this meditation include a component of ‘surrender’?  I have had a miserable week..and it is only Tuesday…everything from sinus infection that renders sleep impossible, a broken ankle that renders walking my dog impossible…and now a backed up sewer drain..that ran into enough of the finished lower level that now I have big swaths of dry wall missing..carpet long gone..and any idea of how or why it happened not even close to being understood…if i surrender any sense of control or even appreciating what i can learn from all this…will that make it all as easy as standing in a light soft warm breeze on a spring day?  So tomorrow i will make a specific point of meditating….in a new spot…and try to surrender…to all of has won…now does that mean I can move on and quit stressing over what is uncontrollable ? 

One thought on “Surrender…..

  1. You broke your ankle???? Holy shit. This is not a time to surrender. It’s a time for war!!! Against… figure out something. Your life is a real Gone With the Wind… I can’t meditate today… There’s always tomorrow.

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