Modern Day Mary Magdalens?

More power to these women….I am with them….

The Dish

The trailer for God’s Daughters, a documentary exploring the lives and ministries of Roman Catholic Womenpriests:

In an interview, director Luc Novovitch considers the Vatican’s view of these women:

We have to be honest: the Catholic Church has never be a beacon of progressive or even open-minded thinking. They decided centuries ago that it was a men’s affair, and they will cling as long as they can to their power. Womenpriests must be a direct threat. They are open, simple, and authentic in their faith. They favor a loose and open organization. And they are qualified to be priests. One needs a Master of Divinity to be considered as a candidate. And if admitted, it takes years before being ordained.  Womenpriests are capable and serious, and that is competition for the male-dominated church!

JoAnne Viviano recently attended an ordination service by the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests:


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