The energy of joy
the joy of energy.

Connection made with
eyes to hearts
possibilities made
only with actions,
a dance of others
wind and weave
back and forth
culminates with a
basket dunked
or a 3 pointer

The joy of that basket
the energy to get there
is shared
player to player
mascots to the bench
trainers to cheerleaders
coaches to yelling crowd.

The refs absorb that energy
as they race to be even and fair
despite the infectious psyche that
travels like delicious laughter.

Magic is visited upon every occasion,
only seen or felt through that joy
and connection, eye to heart and heart to eye.
A connection because they all share
that moment
that precise speck of magic
that seals that unforgettable moment
that basket, that block or that steal.

The crowd revels in and returns
that energy, that joy
and the circle of why
we ‘all’ play continues….

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